Asger Jorn - The Final Years 1965-1973

Asger Jorn: The Final Years 1965-1973
Authors Guy Atkins & Troels Andersen
Publisher Lund Humphries Publishers Ltd./Borgens Forlag
Publishing date 1980
Series Asger Jorn Catalogue raisonné
Followed by Asger Jorn - Supplement - Paintings 1930-1973

Asger Jorn - The Final Years 1965-1973 is the third book in a five-volume catalogue raisonné series on the Danish painter Asger Jorn by Guy Atkins and Troels Andersen.

The two most important creative phases described in the present volume both occurred near the end of Jorn’s life. The year 1970 saw a renewal of his serious and almost exclusive dedication to painting - after the distractions of the previous years. The result of this newly found concentration was a sequence of works of the highest order, comparable in quality with those of the mid- to late 1950s.

In 1972 Jorn turned, for the first time, to sculpture in bronze and marble. His major achievement as a sculptor during this short but important period is described by Ursula Lehmann-Brockhaus in Chapter 4.

By including chapters, contributed by Frank Whitford, on acrylics and collages, a large part of Jorn’s œuvre (in its astonishing variety) has now been sketched out - bearing in mind the chapters on ceramics, graphics and tapestries in the preceding volume.

- Guy Atkins, Asger Jorn - The Final Years 1965-1973


Part One

  1. The final years
  2. Acrylics by Frank Whitford
  3. Collages and décollages by Frank Whitford
  4. Sculpture by Ursula Lehmann-Brockhaus
  5. Forgeries

Part Two

  • Appendix to the catalogue of paintings from 1934-73
  • Bibliography

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