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Klankteksten - Konkrete Poëzie - Visuele Teksten

Klankteksten - Konkrete Poëzie - Visuele Teksten (Sound Texts - Concrete Poetry - Visual Texts) is the title of an exhibition catalogue released in conjunction with the exhibition 'Klankteksten?' at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands in November 1970. The exhibition provided an overview of the concrete poetry movement.


21 Lystegninger

21 Lystegninger (21 Light Drawings) is the title of an exhibition catalogue released by the Aarhus Art Association of 1847 in conjunction with an exhibition of Asger Jorn's light drawings at the Aarhus Festuge 1971.


Skånes stenskulptur under 1100-talet

Skånes stenskulptur under 1100-talet (Skåne's Stone Sculpture During the 12th Century) is a book written in Swedish by Erik Cinthio, with photography by Gérard Franceschi and arrangement by Asger Jorn. The book is a photographic documentation of stone sculpture from the 12th century with a focus on the Skåne region of southern Sweden.


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