Asger Jorn - Revised Supplement

Asger Jorn: Revised Supplement
Authors Guy Atkins & Troels Andersen
Publisher Lund Humphries Publishers Ltd.
Publishing date 2006
Series Asger Jorn Catalogue raisonné

Asger Jorn - Revised Supplement is the final book in a five-volume catalogue raisonné series on the Danish painter Asger Jorn by Guy Atkins and Troels Andersen.

The first supplement to the œuvre catalogue of Asger Jorn’s oil paintings appeared in 1986. It described one hundred paintings that had been discovered since the appearance of the third volume of the oeuvre catalogue Asger Jorn: the final years six years earlier. In addition, all entries from the appendixes of the preceding three volumes of the catalogue were included.

Thanks to the cooperation of a number of European and American institutions and private persons we have in the past twenty years been able to identify a further 123 oil paintings. In view of the growing number of untenable attributions, all precautions have been taken to secure reliable information about the provenance and history of the paintings included in the present edition. In some cases a technical investigation has also taken place.

In recent years very few authentic paintings have emerged. We have therefore now decided to publish the revised supplement, and to consider the registration of Asger Jorn’s oil paintings - spanning a period of 45 years of research - concluded.

- Troels Andersen, Asger Jorn - Revised Supplement


Part One

  1. An interview with Pola Gauguin
  2. Öyvind Fahlström on Jorn
  3. An interview with Jacques Michel
  4. Illustrations in large format

Part Two

  • The Supplement

Part Three

  • Dis-authentications, omissions, additions and corrections

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