Asger Jorn - Supplement - Paintings 1930-1973

Asger Jorn: Supplement - Paintings 1930-1973
Authors Guy Atkins & Troels Andersen
Publisher Lund Humphries Publishers Ltd.
Publishing date 1986
Series Asger Jorn Catalogue raisonné
Followed by Asger Jorn - Revised Supplement

Asger Jorn - Supplement - Paintings 1930-1973 is the penultimate book in a five-volume catalogue raisonné series on the Danish painter Asger Jorn by Guy Atkins and Troels Andersen.

This supplement to the œuvre catalogue of Asger Jorn’s paintings contains new descriptions of pictures that have come to light since the publication of Asger Jorn: the final years in 1980. In addition to these new discoveries, all the entries that were contained in the appendixes to the three volumes have also been included. Both groups of pictures are now integrated and placed in a single chronological order.

- Guy Atkins, Asger Jorn - Supplement - Paintings 1930-1973


Part One

  1. Pierre Alechinsky
  2. Guy Atkins
  3. Jean Dubuffet
  4. Werner Haftmann
  5. Wilfredo Lam
  6. Conroy Maddox
  7. Matta
  8. Karl Schawelka
  9. Illustrations in large format

Part Two

  • The Supplement & Addenda

Part Three

  • Dis-authentications, omissions, additions and corrections

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