Asger Jorn Catalogue raisonné Series

Asger Jorn & Guy Atkins, Sweden, 1959
Asger Jorn Catalogue raisonné Series
Authors Guy Atkins & Troels Andersen
Publisher Lund Humphries Publishers Ltd./Borgens Forlag
Publishing date 1968-2006
Number of volumes Three, including two supplements

Asger Jorn Catalogue raisonné Series is a five-volume catalogue raisonné series on the Danish painter Asger Jorn by Guy Atkins and Troels Andersen.

This is a detailed study of the early career of the Danish artist, Asger Jorn, who is one of the most versatile and original artists at work in Europe today. His output, besides oils and acrylics, includes many other media: ceramics, graphics, drawings, tapestries, and book illustrations. He is also a prolific writer on a great variety of subjects.

This is not only a pioneer work of reference for the study of Asger Jorn, but it also contains vital source material for assessing the modern Danish art movement as a whole. The latter is important for its own sake, as well as for the decisive influence which some of the leading Danish artists had upon COBRA.

- Guy Atkins, Jorn in Scandinavia 1930-1953, jacket inner leaf

Guy Atkins met Jorn in 1956 when the artist visited London for the first time. By 1961 they had become close friends and they decided in the spring of that year, during lunch one day at the Coupole in Paris, that it would be interesting and worth-while to try and trace the whereabouts of Jorn's early paintings. Many of these were neither signed not dated and had disappeared without trace. As the artist wrote in the preface to the first volume of the œuvre catalogue 'The idea of undertaking the huge task of searching for these early and missing pictures came from Guy Atkins, who carried the job through on his own initiative from start to finish.'

Unfortunately the artist did not live to see the completion of the task, since volumes 2 and 3 only appeared after his death.

- Guy Atkins, Asger Jorn - The Final Years 1965-1973, jacket inner leaf

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